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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Indonesian Twilighters Support Local Orphanage

We tend to hear a lot about the outreach of Twilight fans in the USA and Canada. Well, helping others knows no geographic boundaries as these Indonesian Twilighters wrote in to tell us.

“Twihards just wanna share with you. I’m one of Twimoms (remember the Rob cookies?) and few members of Indonesian twilighters/Twilight Nusantara (http://twitter.Twilight_Nusa) went to foster home for toddler called Tunas Bangsa. This is one of our twilight agendas besides gathering & any other our twi-related activities. We’ve managed to donate some money and brought needs for them such as: milk, baby clothes, blanket, toys, pampers. The orphans consist of 60 toddlers from newborn to 5 years old. The orphanage has 3 separate rooms for: newborn, baby & toddler. I can’t tell how the kids were so excited when they got all these toys & goody bags. Hopefully, our little help can brighter their days & make them smile. We should be thankful for our life coz not everybody have a home like us or our kids."

Us Twihards have such big hearts. I love this! Look what we could do if each one of us donated just one thing. All the possibilities! Just think about it. 

Thanks LetMeSignDotCom for sharing with us

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