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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jackson's Guitar Gets Jacked

Poor Jackson Rathbone has been sporting a black eye the last few days and a chance fan encounter details the story behind it.

"On January 26th in Bakersfield, CA, the band 100 Monkeys played at The Dome. Obviously, this was really exciting because Jackson Rathbone fronts this band and was in our HOMETOWN! So of course, we went! Turns out, the band itself was really awesome and put on an amazing show. Afterward, the adventure began. Elizabeth and I decided to hang out behind the building where the stage door is to see if maybe we could catch a glimpse of the man of the hour. Turns out, Jackson needed a smoke conveniently while we were back there! We got to talking about poetry, music, and being yourself in a small town for a solid 15 minutes."

"We also asked about his black eye. He told us that while he was in San Fransisco, a guy tried to steal his guitar so Jackson chased him down, tackled him, got punched in the face, BUT he got his guitar back. Lesson learned: Don’t mess with Jackson Rathbone. Hahaha! Eventually, his band mate, Jerad Anderson came and got Jackson to go tear down the set. We got a picture, said goodbye, and then proceeded to get really excited for life!"

And that’s pretty much how we hung out with Jackson Rathbone. The most exciting (and epic) thing EVER. YAY!
-Hannah Lynn Austin

-Elizabeth Provencio
Poor Jackson… I’ll rub your eye better and more

Billy Burke Attends Haiti Art Auction!

Chief Swan.. errr I mean Billy Burke attended the "Artists for Haiti" Art Auction, January 28th in Santa Monica, CA. The auction raised over $50,000 from the event with the proceeds going to Partners in Health. Go Papa Swan!

Thanks to Nikki over at TwilightBlogNet

Amazing Fan Made Rob Video!

Here is an amazing fan made Rob video! Be prepared to drool :P

Video: Charlie Bewley Shuffles..or tries to

Charlie Bewley has created his very own You Tube page and he has posted this video of him trying to do "The Shuffle". Subscribe to his channel here! This video is too funny! Thanks Charlie!

Michael Sheen As The White Rabbit in "Adventures In Wonderland"

TMCTWISP, THE WHITE RABBIT (voice of Michael Sheen) is always late, always in a hurry, always rushing about. Charged with finding Alice and bringing her back to Underland so that she can fulfill her destiny, he shows up at her garden party in an effort to lure her backdown the rabbit hole . "He's a warm character," says Sheen, "but, at the same time, he can be quite fussy and quite strict with Alice as well. He has an edge to him, a nervous energy, always feeling like he's behind time. Time is very important to him, but he's quite brave when called upon."

Ashley Greene Tweets!

Ashley Tweeted this lovely message earlier from her official Twitter page. She may not tweet a lot but when she does she makes it count. Good luck Ashley! We are so proud of you!

New Stills From Kellan and Ashley's "The Warrior"

Here are some stills from Ashley and Kellan's film The Warrior.

New Photo and Video For LG's Star Ambassador!

Here is a new promotional video and photo for LG's Star Ambassador

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taylor Lautner is LG's Star Ambassador

Guess Who????

Taylor Lautner is is LG’s Star Ambassador. Here is the promotional video, a promo photo and a scan for all the Taylor lovers out there!

Jackson's 'Dread' Playing In Select Theaters

Dread, Jackson Rathbone’s horror film, produced by Clive Barker, will be in select theaters from now until February 5 as part of After Dark Horrorfest 4. To see if your theater is on the list click here.  Also, if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can see it here.

I don't like horror films one bit, so I won't be seeing this one. I will have some crazy, messed up dreams if I do. :D

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Moon Press Conference Photos of Kristen

Here are some brand new/old New Moon Press Conference pictures of Kristen. There are over 130 photos to choose from so head  here to check them out! I love the many faces of KStew.

Video: Leonardo DiCaprio Talks RPattz

Leonardo DiCaprio sits down with Access Hollywood and discusses his new movie Shutter Island. In the process he is asked if there are any young actors out now that may be in the similar situation that he was after Titanic, he says Rob but refers to him as "RPattz"! Too cute! Enjoy the video!

Anna Kendrick in Venice Magazine

Here are some photos of Anna Kendrick from the December 2009 issue of Venice Magazine. To read the full article click here. She looks gorgeous in these photos!

Taylor Lautner Talks About "Valentines Day"

Taylor talks about his character Willy in Valentines Day. He did his own stunts in the movie. He's too cute! 

Wait..What? A Rob Comic Book?

There's a whole lot of Robert Pattinson coming our way in 2010, between Remember Me, which hits theaters in March, and Eclipse. The third Twilight movie won't be out until June, but lucky for us, there will be some more Rob to savor in May with the release of Fame, a new comic book about his life.

The comic is the second in a series about celebrities, the first having been based on Lady Gaga. Fame will explore many aspects of Robert's life, from his film to music interests. Of course, it will only feature drawings, not photos, of the star. Would you go buy it and read it? Cause' I sure would.

Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli "Coordinate"

Kellan and Peter attended the Calvin Klein Collection & Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) 1st Annual Celebration event January 28th. Both of the Cullen's dressed up for the event in grey suit jackets, keepin it casual with no tie. They both look handsome! To see more pictures from the event click here.

Video: Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair Photoshoot!

Vanity Fair recently did a photoshoot and Kristen is featured in the Hollywood Edition. Here's a short video that was shown on Entertainment Tonight this evening.

Peter Facinelli Talks About Training For "Eclipse" Fight Scenes caught up with Peter Facinelli at the Calvin Klein Collection & L.A. Nomadic Division Event in Support of L.A. Arts Month and ALAC (that’s a mouthful!). They asked him about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

“I’m really excited about Eclipse — we did a lot of training for that movie, like six weeks of fight training,” he told us. “It was funny because it became almost like an in-house competition and everyone was always in the gym or working out. Sometimes we’d work out like three times a day. One time, I was in my apartment and I was going down to do my workout, and the elevator doors opened and Kellan Lutz was [in there] doing push-ups. I was like, ‘Okay, Kellan, you win! You win the competition!’”

Video: New Skateland Clip!

Here is a brand new "Skateland" clip straight from Sundance! Ashley does a great job rockin' out the 80's hair look! I know I am going to see this, how about you?

New Kristen Stewart EW Outtake!

Entertainment Weekly is loving us this week! More and more outtakes are being released daily! I love this one of KStew!

Details of "Remember Me" Premiere

This just in from GossipCop--

There has been a lot of Internet speculation about the premiere of “Remember Me,” starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan. The film, which revolves around two people who fall in love as they cope with tragedy, was shot last summer in New York. And that’s precisely where the premiere will be, Gossip Cop can confirm.

Gossip Cop is told that the stars will walk the red carpet in New York on March 1. “Remember Me” opens nationwide on March 12.

Generally, premieres are closer to the film’s release date, but because Pattinson is working on “Bel Ami” in Europe and can’t go back and forth, “Remember Me” will have it’s big red carpet at the same time he’s doing its press junket in the Big Apple.

Video #2 of Peter Facinelli's "Nurse Jackie " Video Diary

Here is the second video of Peter Facinelli's "Nurse Jackie" Video Diary. I love it! If you haven't seen the first one... here it is!

I haven't seen the first season of "Nurse Jackie" but I am going to Hulu it tonight! It looks really funny and Dr. Coop's fascination with Twitter is right up my alley!

Taylor Lautner Featured In Valentines Day Promotional Clip

To help promote the film, there are 12 clips that feature each storyline. You can see Taylor squared at 5:53 to 6:30. Its quite funny actually. Spit Wads. hehe

Remember Me's "Ask Rob" Videos!

Awhile back, the Remember Me fan page on Facebook was taking questions from Robert Pattinson fans about the filming of Remember Me. Well, they followed through and Rob answers two of the many asked questions. Enjoy!

'Stars of Sundance' Entertainment Weekly Scan

The latest issue of Entertaiment Weekly did an article about the "Stars of Sundance." Click here to see the article full size! Kristen says, "I hope the paparazzi trip and fall in the snow." Me too!

Video: Twilight Lexicon Interviews Chris Heyerdahl

Part 2

Lori from Twilight Lexicon sits down and chats with Chris Heyerdahl (who plays Marcus) at the Twilight Convention in Miami. You may have to turn up your sound just a little in order to hear. Great interview though! Thanks Twilight Lexicon!


New "Remember Me" Still

Remember Me hits theaters on March, 12th yet we still only have one trailer for it. So here is a new still from the movie. I am so excited for this movie to come out!

Second "Twilight In Forks" Trailer

Here is a second "Twilight In Forks" trailer that was just released. I am so going there for my birthday! Enjoy the video!

New Charlie Bewley Photoshoot!

Hello Handsome! Charlie Bewley recently did a photoshooot and here are the photo's! Not quite sure what the shoot was for but he looks hawt!