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Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Moon DVD To Include Dreamcatcher Bonus

Barnes & Noble will be selling the standard two-disc sets in both DVD and Blu-Ray that most other retailers will be selling. But, we will also and primarily be selling special "BN Exclusive" editions of both the two-disc DVD and the two-disc Blu-Ray sets. These BN Exclusive editions will come with a "Dreamcatcher" bag clip.

A Barnes and Noble employee gives a description of the "bag clip":

"I have seen a picture of the bag clip, and it looks pretty nice- it has an 'antique brass' finished dreamcatcher charm, various stones, two feather charms, and a metal Wolf Pack tattoo charm."

Pre-orders will begin at Barnes & Noble this Tuesday, January 26th. I'm thinking that it's possible pre-orders will begin at ALL stores (including online retailers, like Amazon) nationwide.

 I know where I am getting my copy! I want that dreamcatcher!

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