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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Awful Truth Chats It Up With Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth


We had the chance to chat with Peter Facinelli at Sunday's Milk & Bookies fundraiser, where he blabbed about Robsten's on-set presence. He may have been vague about Twilight's true love story, but he did dish some deets about Breaking Dawn, Eclipse and whether his kiddies have read the Twilight series.

The Cullen family papa attended the event with his wife, Jennie Garth, and three daughters in tow, but, despite recently dropping the bomb that she's leaving 90210, J.G. got to sit back while reporters bombarded her hottie hubby in a chaotic interview.

As Marc Malkin revealed in his latest video blog, Peter kept his lips zipped when it came to any news of splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies, shrugging it off by saying no scripts had been written yet.
"It's a very thick book. I think that two movies would be a good thing for the franchise. I support it, but ultimately it's up to what Summit decides," Peter chatted, though he seemed to pick his words very carefully.

"I'm having a great time with the franchise, so if we get to do two more that would be fun."

We're thinking Peter is more interested in two Dawns being a good thing for his bank account. And with the amount of money these flicks have pouring in, we can't blame the sweet dude for wanting to double his paycheck.

While B.D. may still be far off, Eclipse is coming up soon, and Peter seems to think it's quite a bit more exciting than that New Moon bore.

"The battle in Eclipse was superfun. We got to do a lot of fight training and choreography, and I'm looking forward to the fans seeing that. They get to see the Cullens in a way they've never seen them before," the star mysterious teased.

Peter was proud to boast of his stunt work too, claiming, "I tried to do as much as I could, or as much as they allowed me to do. If I didn't go home with a bruise, I didn't feel like I put in a good day's work."

We're sure Pete's wife and kids weren't as thrilled to see his daily beatings. Speaking of his mucho adorable fam, Peter told us that The Cat in the Hat was one of his fave books to read to his daughter, and that he loved to make his little princesses laugh.

When we brought up the Twilight franchise, Peter told us "Well my 12-year-old has read the first two for sure." And Jennie quickly chimed in: "But that's it!"
Do the Facinelli parents think the series is too racy for tweens? Seems so! We asked if the couple thought the much-talked-about fourth book was too naughty, and Jennie, who was only half listening as she cuddled and kissed her youngest daughter Fiona, turned to me and blurted "Yeah!"

"I got to spread them out. Let her get old enough to read the other two. I think I would let her read the third one though when she hits 13 for sure," Peter confessed.

We say better she reads the somewhat-controversial conclusion to the series than have to suffer through another screening of New Moon.

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