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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Truth Behind The ScoreCard Review's 'New Moon' Change Of Heart

Earlier this week The Scorecard Review announced the nominees for the 8th Annual TSR Movie Award. Robert Pattinson and `New Moon´ were nominated for a number of awards. Including "Best Blockbuster", "Best Music", "Best Action Hero" ("Jacob Black" and "Edward Cullen"), "Best Ending", "Best Visual Effects" and "Best Screenplay (Adapted)".

Rob was nominated for "Quote of the year" for the final line in the movie, "I have one condition, If you want me to do it, Marry me Bella".
But now Jeff Bayer, administrator for TSR decided to pull New Moon from all TSR-nominations.
He decied to go out and release an official statement.

"I run The Scorecard Review... Unfortunately, I had to remove "The Twilight Saga:New Moon" choices. Too many twihards were giving everything Twilight a 10, and every other film a 1, trying to manipulate the results.
I love movies, movie fans and I have no problem with people loving Twilight, but trying to kill other movies is not the point of these awards. It was a difficult choice, as I love the attention the TSR Movie Awards have already received, but here is an example of what was happening.
In the Best Music category, Twilight had a 9.3 score. The next highest was Crazy Heart with a 3.8. That was the next highest! In other words, there were hundreds of Twihards who decided the best way for Twilight to win was to give the other nominees a 1".

"I apologize to all the Twilight fans who took time, and now don't have the opportunity to vote for the film they love.
Here's a side note... Edward was beating Jacob in "Best Action Hero/Villain/Superhuman. It's pretty funny actually. Edward had the most first place and last place votes. But officially, Team Edward was in the lead".
*Honestly, I think this is a bunch of bah-lon-ey! You shouldn't put a poll up when you know that all us Twi-Hards are going to go and vote for New Moon. Hello! Have you not seen the numbers?? There are alot of us out here and we will vote for New Moon over any movie... or at least I will. Oh well, at least Edward was kicking Jacob's butt in the poll. Oops! Did I say that outloud? Sorry guys, you know I'm Team Edward all the way! Love you too Taylor.. the newest additon to the "I am finally legal" club. teehee

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